About Badges/Buttons/Pins

Badges, Buttons or Pins (depending on your part of the world or preference as they are known under either names) are small objects ranging from one inch to six (or bigger) inches. An image is displayed on the front of the item and the back has a pin that can be attached to clothes, bags or anything else the individual may desire. Badges, Buttons or Pins are used for all types of purposes for personal or business and used to convey a million different messages. Hand made badges are normally made with a Badge Machine, Rotary Cutter and Badge Components that include the; Shell, Mylar, Collet and Spring. An image is cut with the Rotary Cutter, then with the components placed in the Badge Machine and pressed to form a unified piece of love known as a Badge, Button of Pin.

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What is a Fanlisting

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a Fanlisting it is simply a website that lists fans of a certain subject to promote and share the joy to the world. If you have a website you can link back, but you don't need a website to join.

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